zaterdag 14 mei 2011

My painting, or the lack of it.

Hi, just a quick note on what I've been painting since the latest message. Not a lot, I'm afraid...

A Necromunda gang, for a campaign we are playing at our local club.
It's a Cawdor gang, for those who know the game.
And a tiny beetle VW car (6mm), I got for free at the latest Salute show. I gave the car away to my father, who has a lot of scale models of (mostly) race cars.
But he didn't had one as small as this one!

I'm currently painting a regiment of Napoleonic Dutch militia, but my interests keep drifting to other subjects, as there are Successors.
Oh, and I bought a copy of Clash of Empires at Salute. I have to play these rules in the near future. The rules look fine, and are already called WAB 3.0 on the www. We'll see.

To end this rambling, a pic I took of a fabulous looking table at Salute. I could watch this one for hours, as there was so much to see. Eye candy!