zondag 17 november 2013

Last unit for the Macedonian army.

Hello again!
My last unit from my Macedonian army is now ready. The figures come from the Gripping Beast "Polemos" range.
(it is actually a Seleucid guard phalanx unit, but it was the only phalanx I had for the moment)

I used the famous LBMS shield transfers for the first time. The first transfers took a lot of time to apply, but a few shields further in the line, I got it under hand. It still took me a whole evening to apply the transfers.
I had then to paint the edges of the shield, first in black (the transfers are to be used on a white primed surface) and then with gold, as this unit was called the Chrysaspides. Which is classical Greek for Golden shields.
I don't know if I did something wrong, I don't think it looks perfect. But it is certainly good enough to play our games. No one will notice when there are a few hunderds of toys on a gaming table!

Do check them yourself.

It is the last unit I had to paint for a soon to be played historical scenario. More on that will follow as soon as we (me and the wargaming friends) have a date when we can play the game. Rules will be "Clash of Empires".

Unfortunately, I forgot to take some close-ups of the unit.
Maybe in the next update. If I don't forget...

zondag 10 november 2013

Warning, a fantasy update.

I'm still (slowly it seems) working on a Gripping Beast /Polemos phalanx unit.
I hope to have it finished by next weekend.

In the mean time I'll share a few pictures of a small vignette I painted last summer, and forgot to post pictures of.

It is a limited edition piece produced by Mithril Miniatures and sculpted by Chris Tubb.
They make a huge range of Lord of the Rings miniatures.  Check http://www.mithril.ie/
It is called "Beregond fighting a Troll at the Black Gate".
And yes that is a Hobbit in the rear of Beregond. Either Pippin or Merry, I'm not shure about it.

I tried to make it look as good as I can, but I'm struggling a bit with highlighting black.

I'm still trying to make my pictures look better.
Any advice is always welcome.
Also on painting black , as next year I will probably start painting the Black Brunswickers at Quatre Bras!

woensdag 6 november 2013

"Official CRISIS 13 TSA picture report"

Here is the official Crisis report, by Tin Soldiers of Antwerp themselves.
Much more pictures then found on my blog!

zondag 3 november 2013

Crisis? What Crisis?

Well, another Crisis show is over again.

It was an excellent edition, the best ever I think!
And I've seen them all, being a visitor since the first edition. I was a little worried when I arrived, a quarter before the doors went open. There was a huge row of people waiting outside and I thought, oh no, that will take ages to get in! But before I could say that, we were all in! Great!

Lots of good traders, from all over Europe, with a wide selection af things we all can use. Or at least think we can! Most traders had a very good day I guess. Some people were running around with huge boxes or even trolley cars loaded with "da loot" (me included).
Really incredible wonderfull games were being played. Check the pictures. The bar is raised yet again!

The info centre at the entrance was also very usefull if you were looking for a certain trader.
I don't know how many people got in, but I think it must be a record. It was still possible to walk in between everything without being crushed by backpackers.
All in all, I had a great day. Thanks, Tin Soldiers of Antwerp!

Here are some pictures, so you can see for yourself.