zondag 10 november 2013

Warning, a fantasy update.

I'm still (slowly it seems) working on a Gripping Beast /Polemos phalanx unit.
I hope to have it finished by next weekend.

In the mean time I'll share a few pictures of a small vignette I painted last summer, and forgot to post pictures of.

It is a limited edition piece produced by Mithril Miniatures and sculpted by Chris Tubb.
They make a huge range of Lord of the Rings miniatures.  Check http://www.mithril.ie/
It is called "Beregond fighting a Troll at the Black Gate".
And yes that is a Hobbit in the rear of Beregond. Either Pippin or Merry, I'm not shure about it.

I tried to make it look as good as I can, but I'm struggling a bit with highlighting black.

I'm still trying to make my pictures look better.
Any advice is always welcome.
Also on painting black , as next year I will probably start painting the Black Brunswickers at Quatre Bras!

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