zondag 3 november 2013

Crisis? What Crisis?

Well, another Crisis show is over again.

It was an excellent edition, the best ever I think!
And I've seen them all, being a visitor since the first edition. I was a little worried when I arrived, a quarter before the doors went open. There was a huge row of people waiting outside and I thought, oh no, that will take ages to get in! But before I could say that, we were all in! Great!

Lots of good traders, from all over Europe, with a wide selection af things we all can use. Or at least think we can! Most traders had a very good day I guess. Some people were running around with huge boxes or even trolley cars loaded with "da loot" (me included).
Really incredible wonderfull games were being played. Check the pictures. The bar is raised yet again!

The info centre at the entrance was also very usefull if you were looking for a certain trader.
I don't know how many people got in, but I think it must be a record. It was still possible to walk in between everything without being crushed by backpackers.
All in all, I had a great day. Thanks, Tin Soldiers of Antwerp!

Here are some pictures, so you can see for yourself.


4 opmerkingen:

  1. Excellent edition indeed, easy access, ample parking, I have gotten lots of goodies, but I really hope they get a grip on the catering next time, that really wasn't well organized. Long waiting times, poor quality, poorly prepared, an approach unworthy of a show with ambitions like Crisis.

    1. I'm so sorry to hear that.
      Ofcourse there was room for improvement, but we did'nt had any complaints so far.
      At a certain moment, there was indeed a longer que, but that is almost impossible to avoid, because everybody likes to eat around the same time.
      Don't forget we are all volunteers and amateurs.

  2. Nice pictures of the convention! Thanks for sharing!


  3. It was a great day, but a bit short to my likeness...
    Been there from the moment the doors went open untill the TSoA team were cleaning up.
    On to painting the figs now!