zaterdag 12 november 2016

Aureola Rococo Knights army.

I now have finaly painted (almost) all the old Aureola Rococo Knights of the Silver Rose I own. And as promised here are some pictures! Sorry for the long wait.

First are the foot spearmen. there were pictures of these before on my blog, but here are some new ones, back in the "old" style.

Next are a unit with a weapon that I would call spear-axe. One end has a spear head and the other an axe head.

Followed by the "Guards". A 18 men unit. Other foor units are 12 men strong.

New units now, starting with a mounted unit of axemen. Although they also have a bow and arrows with them.

And another unit of mounted knights, now armed with a spear.

All flags are based on free downloads of  medieval Korean flags, but with a linear B symbol hand painted on them.

That's the army for now. Except for a general (soon to follow).
I would like to add one more unit, but need to find a few more miniatures for that. 
Maybe I should ask Dave at Caliverbooks. The miniatures I'm after are not currently in production, but you never know...

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Excellent paintjobs!

    All vintage figures, or newly ordered Caliver?

  2. The horses (without riders) are new. All the other figures are vintage. Some bougth by me new in the early eighties, others come from ebay.
    BTW, phil, if you are still looking for old SF/Fantasy figures, contact me.

  3. Great work! I have loads of these and am still contemplating replacing the spear with much to paint!

    1. Thanks David!
      I'm still after a few Knight with blow pipe (ARK6). If you know where I could get some?