dinsdag 19 december 2017

The Nassau project.

Finaly! My Nassau brigade for Quatre Bras is ready for action.
I've just checked my own blog, and the first battalion of this brigade was painted more then 2 years ago. Shocking it took so long! My main problem is one that many wargamers have I think: being a wargame butterfly, and shifting from one period to another game. And sometimes back again. Just check my blog and see what I've been doing since I'm blogging.
But without further delay, here are the pictures.

1st battalion, 2nd regiment of Nassau. As all other battalions, this was a large battalion, consisting of almost 900 men. So 36 figures strong.

2nd Battalion, 2nd regiment of Nassau. Also 36 figures strong.

3rd Battalion, 2nd regiment of Nassau. Another large 36 figures unit. I gave these white trousers, such as they wore earlier in Spain. There are several discussions about the trousers of this unit. Prescription was green trousers at the time of the Waterloo campaign, but it is not sure if all units got green trousers in time. So just for variety...

And finaly a picture of the complete brigade.
3 Battalions of the 2nd Nassau regiment.
2 Battalions of the 28th Orange-Nassau regiment
1 company of Orange-Nassau Volunteer Jaegers
And  including their commander, Major-General Prinz Bernard von Saxe-Weimar.
That's a total of 4 large 36 figures units, 1 standard 24 figures unit and a tiny unit of just 6 figures.
As before, all from the loveley Perry Miniatures range.

I'm currently painting a few more things that were missing, to complete the whole 2nd Netherland infantry division. So, yet more Napoleonics coming soon!
With a little luck, even before the end of this year.

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