donderdag 6 februari 2020

Just one!

January past really quick! I had several other things to do, and the result is I only painted one miniature, a Troll. But is is a big one.

I have it for so long I don't remember from what company it comes. I bought it new, I remember, got it out of the package and glued it together. Then I painted it in a black basecoat and left it as is for a few years. So I finaly removed the dust and painted it.
There is one more picture. To show the size of it, I made a picture with a normal sized 28mm figure (Footsore Miniatures) next to it.

I hope february will have a few more painted models ready. My Lead Mountain is now so huge, I don't know where to start. After the second part of my Saga warband, that is, which is only 16 miniatures. I need to start working again on one of my larger projects. Either ancient Greeks/Macedonians or Napoleonics, not decided yet.

Next weekend I hope to finaly play a proper wargame also. That still did not happen in 2020!
Saturday I will put on a small demo game of To the Strongest with my old 15mm figures at Warcon, a local wargames show. Who knows I will make a few pictures to show here next time.

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