dinsdag 31 maart 2020

My new Saga warband.

So, I finaly finished my Norse-Gaels Saga warband. It took a while, but am very pleased with the result, they look good! I hope the pictures show that too.

On top of that, I also painted two more vikings. Just as the figures above, they are made by Footsore Miniatures (which used to be Warbanner). I enjoyed painting them a lot. Some of the shields have LBMS shield transfers, but only a few. Others are hand painted.

I still have a few more, which might be painted in the near future. Who knows, it might become a real army!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow, very nice. Can you use them for To The Strongest as well?

    1. Well, maybe, but actually TtS is a mass battle rules system where you game with units of up to 48 figures (Macedonian phalanx for example). If sabot bases were used, it could be done though, as the number of figures per unit is not a fixed thing in TtS.