maandag 4 april 2011

Here they are, finaly.

Finaly, I have a new unit ready, more or less. I'll explain myself.
While I was working on this unit of Foundry hypaspists, I discovered that 1 miniature was missing. One of the blisters must have been a blister with only 7 miniatures in it.

Luckely, a friend of me got several hypaspists somewere hidden in his lead mountain. He dug one out, and I got it last thursday. Thanks David!
Unfortunately, I'm also short of 1 shield, so I'm still not painting. Guess I'll have to call my good friend again.

The rest of the unit is ready, so here are the pics. I hope you like it.
Troops are Foundry. Command figures are A&A miniatures that were hidden in a corner of my unpainted Alexander and Successors drawer. Currently 26 miniatures, and hopefully a 27th coming soon.
The bases are bigger then what I use normaly, but due to the poeses of the miniatures I could not fit them on a smaller one. So it became an elite open order infantry unit.

Oh, and if you want to know why it took so long to paint them, I brok my collarbone on 6 march, when I crashed with my bicycle. I'm still recovering from it. The bike is fine, thank you.

I'm now working on  something completely different. More news soon...

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