dinsdag 19 april 2011

A look in the cabinet.

I made a few pictures of the miniatures who are now in my cabinet. All of my Greek and Spartan hoplites are there, as are my Macedonian/successor phalangites and some cavalry.
Everything is 28mm, as are most of my miniatures.

There are 3 blocks of 48 Greek hoplites made up of Foundry miniatures, and 1 of 48 Vendel miniatures.
Under them are my Spartan hoplites. 2 Blocks of 36 and 1 of 27, also mostly Foundry, with a few Gorgon and Vendel. Hidden in the left corner are my Theban Sacred Band of 18, all Foundry.

In the other cabinet are the Macedonian/successor phalanxes. A unit of 48 unarmoured Foundry on the right, followed by the famous Argyraspides. Currently consisting of 32 Foundry's but there are 16 more coming some day. In the middle are two big Vendel elephants, followed by two more units of 32 phalagites, made up of Old Glory. Underneat them are a unit of 12 cataphacts (old Newline), a command stand (Newline) and finaly 12 light Skythian horse archers.

Of course I also have Greek skirmishers, peltasts and a few horsemen. But as I see it, my Greek armies are big enough. For the moment.
The Macedonians/Successors are something else. I plan to build up the phalanxes to 48 figs each, and expand to at least 6 of them. Then I need more cavalry and light troops as there are thureophoros, thorakites and Thracians. And did I mention more elephants yet? The plan is to play all those big Successor battles, Raphia for example. And you can't play these with 100 figs a side, do you?

Any comments always welcome! (thanks Rudy)

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Really nice collection! Love your Greeks and great looking Scythians! Regards, Dean

  2. Schoon grieken heel knap geschilderd groetjes axel