donderdag 25 oktober 2012

A few left over figures for sale, mostly Foundry.

Is it actualy that long ago that I updated my blog? Wow!

Anyway, as my Macedonian/Hellenistic armies are now almost ready, I would like to sell the unwanted leftover figures. All are unpainted.

-11 Macedonian/Successor phalanx, code WG 143 (Pike up) These are with cast-on shields.
-6 Macedonian/Successor Royal Guard, code WG144 (pike up) Also with cast-on shields.
-6 hypaspists attacking, probably code WG 09. Unfortunately, I can not find the shields, but if you like replacements, I have some Crusader hoplite shields, which are almost similar.
-3 different foot command figures. Two Foundry and one Crusader or A&A (I'm not shure which one).
I would like to have €25.00 or £21.00 plus postage. Take note, I live in Belgium.

A 10 fig unit (unpainted) of Companions, Alexander fig included.
These are from the now defunct Vendel range.
For these I would also like the have €25.00 or £21.00 plus postage.

It is also possible to hand the figures over at the Crisis wargames show in Antwerp (on 3 november), which saves you postage cost.

If you would like to buy anything of it, simply leave a message, or contact me at wDOTvdbergheATpandoraDOTbe. You know what I mean .

I will update my blog soon with some pictures of what I have painted since the last update (not that much).

We plan to play a 3000 points Clash of Empires battle next friday, so maybe a battle report may follow also. Maybe...


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