vrijdag 2 november 2012

Fresh troops!

Photo update of my blog, for those interested.
I have not painted much at all this year. And since the year is almost over, I post now what I have.

First a 48 fig unit of Seleucid/Successor phalanx. All Foundry figs. They are from a lot I bought very cheap second hand. These were actually painted some months ago. I really should update my blog more often...

Next is my first unit of Macedonian Companions. A 12 fig unit, also Foundry and bought together with the phalanx figures at an equally low price. I added a musician (small conversion) and, the horror, a standard bearer!
He will come in handy for early successor companions. The design on the standard is made of the inner part of a LBM shield transfer.

The last figure painted is the big man himself: Alexander the Great.
I bought this miniature a few years ago from Newline Miniatures, but they sold this line seveeral years ago. It is now owned by SHQ, I believe.
I hope you like the newly painted miniatures, and will try to update on a more regular base.

Oh, did I mentioned that I made a trip through Greece last summer? Most part crossing the Peloponnesos. It was a great vacation, but two weeks is far to short to visit all that I wanted. Maybe more on this next time.

Tomorrow I'm going to a wargamers feast: Crisis at Antwerp, probably the largest wargame show in European mainland. And it is only 25kms away from my doorstep. Lucky me I guess!

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  1. Looking nice Wim! For your info, we have put the large 5,5 by 8 foot table back up, should you feel the need to field this fine looking unit - and others of course :)

  2. Thanks for the info Rudy. Tha table will be used a lot in the coming year!