donderdag 19 september 2013

SAGA Warband.

Hello again!
Well it did not take as long to post a new message as before, did it?
I promised to show you my new Saga Warband. It was painted in may if I recall correctly, so it is not that new.
But here it is.
It is a 7 points Byzantine warband. Normaly this game is played using a 4 to 6 points army. This one is 7 points because I should read my armylist first before I order figures. The Byzantine Emperor has an extra cost of 1 point.
Most of the figures are made by Mark Sims Crusader Miniatures, except for the Emperor (with page) and two of the Varangians guards. The emperor and one of the Varangian are from Gripping Beast and there is one other Varangian from Foundry.
Here is a close up of the Big Man himself: 

And a few other pictures of units. All shields are hand painted.

What do you think about the models being photographed on my gaming table? Does it look better than on my painting desk with black background? Let me know!

That's it for now.
I hope to play a game with the warband soon, and another update is already being planned. Yes, I'm painting miniatures again!

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