maandag 21 april 2014

First Napoleonic brigade, ready for action!

As you know by now, most of my armies are 28mm for the anient or medieval period. But I am also slowly building a Napoleonic allied army for 1815. 
I painted two units earlier this year, and now my first brigade is ready. 
The first unit is the 5th Dutch militia, a standard 24 fig unit. (our standard Black Powder unit)

The second is the famous Belgian 7th line regiment, a large 36 fig unit.

And some "wound counters", to keep track on the status of the units.

I now have enough painted miniatures to field the 1st brigade of the 2nd Dutch division as it looked at the start of Quatre-Bras. I only need to paint their commander, Van Bijlandt.
I then also need to paint the other brigade, to field the complete Division (another 174 miniatures), plus artillery. And then 2 cavalry regiments. I'm not there yet...
But here is how it looks now:

27th Jager regiment is deployed in skirmish formation.

One thing that is already clear to me is that we will need a huge table to play a good sized battle.
I'm currently working on one of my other armies (next to reading Bigredbat's rules - will need testing soon).
Pictures when I'm ready!

As addendum, I would like to put a link here to a nice overview of Salute 2014, made by the  Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy people:

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