vrijdag 18 april 2014

Visiting a show in the UK.

So, Salute lies a week behind us.
I've visited the show this year with two of my wargaming friends, and belief we all had a great time. We went by train (TGV) on friday and had booked a hotel room only 500 m from Excell. We had to "travel light", because we had to take all our bagage with us all saturday long, and then go home that evening. We could use "luggage" from the well known Terry Pratchett books!
With all this in mind, I did not bring my camera with me. Pictures enough around the web for who wants to see them I guess. (Check for example www.theminiaturepage.com ).
So where did I spend all my cash?

Here's a list:
I pict up my advance order from 1st Corps (two unit packs of Skythian cavalry and a some smaller bags).
Two blisters of Foundry Mins. (Impulse, was only £10.00 / blister)
Three blisters of Perry Mins (planned)
A box of Peltasts from the new Steve Saleh company (Lucid Eye). Steve is the guy who sculpted all the World of the Greeks miniatures for Foundry. Most of my Greeks are Foundry, so they will fit in perfectly. (impulse)
One book from the Wargaming in History series and The War Game by Charles Grant (Kent Trotman). The others I wanted were OOP. (Was also ordered in advance)
One Osprey book from the Myths and Legends series, Troy. (Impulse)
Two book at Casemate Publishing. I'm especialy looking forward to read the book on Philip of Macedon. (Impulse, 20% discount!)
And last but not least, Masters in Miniature. A really fantastic looking book on the miniatures of the Perry Brothers. My copy is signed by both Alan and Michael. (Planned)

I also viewed lots of demo and participation games, but time was too short to play a game. And after seeing the pictures from others, I still managed to NOT see everything there was to see.
I did missed Simon (Bigredbat) when I finaly got to the WSS demo table. The game looked good and they rules seemed to be simple enough to play a few game on the day. They were not Simon's rules though. I also wished I had spend some more time at the Society of Ancients participation game.
At the end of it, I think I will have to visit the show again next year.

There is some bad publicity for the show on the WWW, but if they (the moaners) can do better, go ahead! It is not an easy task to organise an event with a few thousand visitors and I don't know how many traders and clubs.
Many thanks to the South London Warlords, who organise the show now for many years.

Next update will be on painting. Yes, I have painted a few units already this year!

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