woensdag 9 juli 2014

A really tiny unit.

After a short vacation, I'm back in the Country of Rain! Yes, it is raining a lot these days in Belgium. So what better to do than paint some figures?
To "get back into it", I painted a small unit that was already primed. Perry Miniatures of course.
In fact, tiny is a better word for it. Only six miniatures for the only tiny unit (in Black Powder terms) in my Allied 1815 army: the Nassau Jaƫger volunteers. But it is the start of a much bigger brigade. Still 168 miniatures to paint, commander base not included...

The unit was only 177 men strong at the start of the Waterloo campaign, officers included. 
I took some pictures with flash and some without. The colors are brighter with flash, but maybe I should start to learn how to digitaly make my pictures better (brighter)? But where to find the time for it?
Anyway, I like how the green turned out, and think I will use the same method for the other Nassauers.

I'm slightly behind schedule, painting related, trying to paint at least 20 miniatures a month*. So off I go!

*To some, 20 miniatures a month is a rediculess aim, but if I succees to keep doing this, I will have broken my year record of 209 painted miniatures (done in the year 2005)

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