vrijdag 25 juli 2014


I did some work on my Gallic/barbarian army. Three fast moving chariots. They are from Wargames Factory, made in hard plastic. They are a lot cheaper then, for example Warlord Games or Wargames Foundry. For their price, they are certainly good enough, especialy if you need many of them. They also paint up very quickly.
But do check for yourself.

There are some problems though. For example, the necks of the horses don't fit perfectly, which is visible if you know where to look. And I had to cut off one leg of the sitting driver and glue it back on in a different possition. It did not fit over the pole. Shields are decals from the WF foot unit box.
Well, on to the next unit, which will be more Gallic foot. Who knows, I might build a real army of them by the end of the year!

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