zondag 17 januari 2016

Being away for a while.

Sorry about that. It's been a bit hectic for some time. Having to follow several courses for my work took lots of free time. So much that I was thinking of giving up my blog completely.
In december I had some time to start painting again, but since the new year, I had lots to do for work, again. I'm almost done now, and the deadline is only end of january, so, time for the hobby again!
I have not been playing a lot of games lately. Some card games (Lord of the Rings CCG) have been played. We (our small gaming group) still have lots of cards from the game.
In between things I did paint a bit, but being the butterfly I am, it is a bit af everything.
I will split up between different things painted in separate messages.

In the last week of december 2015 I painted for the first time in my life World War 2 figures. I got a sprue of Warlords Japanese from a friend in our local club. Since my brother (who even got less time then my) is interested in WW2 Japanese, I painted them up for him. I more or less used the "painting clinic" on the Warlord site (See here), but used slightly different paints (the ones I had available).
The pictures are not that wel made. I quikly sook some snaps, half an hour before he came visiting me.

I think they are not bad for a first try.
Next time - soon, I promise: Napoleonic Dutch Belgians. Yes, that cavalry unit I cleaned up and primed on vacation did got painted!

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  1. Welcome back! Nice work on these. I picked up the sprue a while back and found them quite nice - a lot of weapon choices. BTW, thanks for visiting my blog and I corrected the caption with the 28mm Lancers - they are Dutch (Red Lancers) not Polish :) Best, Dean

  2. Yes, there is a lot of variation possible with that sprue.

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    1. Thanks Russ!
      I'm not used to painting WW2 figures, but these were great to do.