woensdag 20 januari 2016

PAINTED Napoleonic (Dutch) Belgian cavalry.

These were painted a few months ago, but had yet to appear in full colour on the blog.
So here are the 5th Dutch-Belgian Dragoons for my growing allied army for the Waterloo campaign 1815.

There is also the obligatory "wounded" marker base, which from now on is a bit different then before.

As you can see, there is a small square at one corner of the base. That is not a waterwell, but...

A "dice square"! I don't know how to call it otherwise. I discovered these little helpsome things at the site of Warbases . 
All miniatures are Perry Miniatures.

Together with the already painted 6th Hussars, they form the 2nd light brigade. I only have to paint there famous commander, Major-general Jean-Baptiste Van Merlen. Who died at Waterloo.

PS In the title, (Dutch) is in parentheses, because this unit consisted completely out of Belgians.

Next time - soon - it will be ancients again. Gauls/Celts/Galatians to be a bit more precise.

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