vrijdag 8 april 2016

Greek mythology.

If you like ancient Greek history, like me, you might also like Greek mythology. You know, Jason and the Argonauts, the siege and fall of Troy (Homeros version), and more.
I used Greek mythology as theme for my first warband for Dragon Rampant, the newest rulesset by Dan Mersey (published by Osprey).
I have yet to play my first game, but you need a painted warband for that! So here are pictures of my Centaurs.
Light spearmen or javeliners:

The heavies, armoured and dangerous:

And maybe the even more dangerous female archers:

Add a few heroes / leaders and the warband is ready for battle!

All of the above are from Wargames Foundry's Greek mythology range.
I have to add that 6 of the above miniatures were painted some time ago, and even had a few pictures of them in my blog. To mu own surprise almost two year ago.

While on the theme of Greek mythology, I also build and painted up a unit of Amazones.

These are plastics from Wargames Factory. While fairly easy to paint, they were a bit of a pain to put together, some realy fiddly parts to put on the correct place. of the models. I have parts for 36 more of them (I bought two boxes of these), but I'm not shure when that will happen...

Next up is something I have ment to do since january, so about time I started on them!
I will call it "the Nassau Project", and consists of painting the 3 battalions of the 2nd Nassau-Usingen Regiment. Each 36 figures strong, plus a casualty per battalion. And Prince Bernard of Saxe-Weimar and staff.

Work has just started on the flank companies, as you can see on the last picture.
Now try and keep FOCUS!

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