donderdag 1 september 2016

Foot knights.

Last time I talked about my old Minifigs fantasy figures from the Aureola Rococo range. I have managed to paint all the Aureola Rococo foot Knights of the Silver Rose I currently have. I don't have that many of them, but they are as good as done. They are painted in a simple painting scheme, so they don't take to much time to do. All are individual based, but the bases are not ready yet. I want to do them all in one go, when the cavalry is ready too.

The first unit is a 12 man strong spearmen unit, with a captain and a standard bearer. The standard bearer is a halberdier which was damaged. The top of his weapon was broken, so he became a standard bearer. One spear was also broken off, but I was able to repair it.

This next unit (above) is something in between spearmen and axemen, as their weapons have a spear point on one side of the pole and an axeblade on the other side.
The captain is holding a heavy axe without spearpoint on the other side. I only had one of this model, so he became captain too.The standard bearer is the same model as the first unit.

The last unit is a somewhat larger unit of 18 models, I had more of these halbardiers then anything else, so they can be the guards, I still need to paint the edges of the flags to make them look better.

Next for this army will be two cavalry units. I want the cavalry ready before I try to get more foot troops. I would love to have a unit of those "Double action blow darts".

Here is a link to pictures af all the models once made in the range (Thanks Rudy G. for finding this link!)

By the way, what do you think of the new style pictures? I made a so called light box. I still have to learn some things about lighting I believe. The halbardiers pictures are made with a flash , the others without, but I had to make them lighter with a photo retouche. Something I did not use before.

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  1. Wim,

    Coole units!
    Als je ze ooit wegdoet, zoals je weet, ik ben kandidaat!

  2. OK Phil.
    Mocht het gebeuren dat ik ze weg doe, dan ben jij de eerste die het hoort!