maandag 28 oktober 2013

WIP & some painted scenery.

I painted some scenery last week. I needed a short break from the successor phalanx I'm currently painting.

First piece is an ancient Greek olive press. This model is made by Dave Bodley from Grand Manner.
It is a lovely piece, very quick to paint. Even by me!
It will soon see service on a wargames table in one of our games.
The Foundry figure is added for scale.

The other thing that got painted recently is 75 cm fencing and the animal shelter from Perry's Medieval Cottage.
The cottage itself is yet to be painted.

The Phalanx unit I'm working on is from Gripping Beast's Polemos range.
At first I thought there were hardly any differences in the miniatures, until I started painting them. They look very similar to each other, but there are differences!

Maybe differences are not very clear from this picture, but I'll post better pictures when the unit is finished.
I plan (and have bought) to add LBMS shield transfers for the first time. Let's see what that gives.

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