vrijdag 11 oktober 2013

The last of the Greek skirmishers.

Just a short message and a few pics this time.
Well, I am cleaning out shelves of unpainted figures, and here are the last of the skirmishers I had lying around. I don't think I will need more in the future. I now have well over 100 Greek / Macedonian skirmishers!

Here are the last sling armed Greek psiloi. As always with my ancient armies, they are based on 3 cm x 3 cm bases, some doubled up on 6cm x 3 cm. Models are  Crusader Miniatures (from the Spanish range I believe, but not sure).
If it seems to you that the bases are floating just above the table, that is because there is also a strip of magnetic sheet underneat.

I also painted the last two javelin armed psiloi (Foundry Miniatures). I found them in between some Thracians and Skythians. I realy should clean out all my drawers and see what else is packed in the wrong place.

As you can see, I tried another background and lighting for these pictures. I am still not happy with them, the lighting must become better next time. The pictures are better though, I believe, but more tips are welcome (thanks Tim!)

I will put up a few pictures next week of an ongoing Napoleonic battle we are playing at a friends game  room. We are replaying Eylau in 15mm with over 1000 miniatures a side. And reinforcements still need to come on table! More on that next time.

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