maandag 24 november 2014

Freshly painted Celtic cavalry and more.

it has been a while since the last update. I've been busy with lots of things. Traveling is one of them. The Misses and me went on a citytrip to London for a few days, but more of that later, in another message.
And then there was Crisis in Antwerp several weeks ago already. As usual, I bought way too many new toys... But more of that later, in another message.
Even before Crisis, there was also a WW1 memorial weekend in Antwerp. I have made several pictures of the event. But, yes, more of that later.

I want to show some pictures of my latest painting efforts now, all for my (currently) small Celtic horde.
I started painting about a year ago on them, and now think I can call them a little army.
The fresh troops are a 12 fig unit of cavalry.

They come from the Gauls range of Wargames Foundry. They are a bit in the "huge hands & big heads" side of anatomy, but once painted they look great. Probably more to come.

Next is a king or general, being carried around on a shield.

This nice model is from that same Gauls range from WF.

The last figure is a necessary: a Druid.
And a blood thirsty one it is!

That's it for now.
Teh army now stands for 120 infantry in 4 units, 12 cavalry, 3 chariots, a druid and a king/general.

I'm currently on course to break my personal record in miniatures painting this year. If I can keep up to this speed, it must be possible!

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  1. Excellent job, love the general on the shield and this bloody druid...

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