vrijdag 29 september 2017

That strange word again: Thureophoroi.

Yes, I bould another unit of thureophoroi! Build I said, because this time I used a box bag of plastic Victrix miniatures. I've seen boxes of Victrix before, but the newest releases seems to come in bags. Which is a bit harder to stock. Boxes can be stacked, but this is a bit more difficult with bags full of plastic sprues without danger of damaging them if put on a too high mountain of plastic.

For more info on thureophoroi, click here or on "thureophoroi" in the labels list on the right side.

But enough rambling. On to the real thing. I've bought a bag of Victrix Numidians after seeing them on a small local wargaming event a few months ago. I don't need Numidians, or at least not currently, but after a closer second look, I thought, wait a minute. These look usefull as thureophoroi too. In this set are two different sets of heads: One, the typical Numidians, and the other a helmeted version. There are also two different shields sets added. the well known round shield used by the Numidians as we know them, and a second set of larger thureos type shields. As the figures were not expensive at all (thanks to David Thomas!), well, lets give it a try.

The result is very pleasing I think. Especially as sticking the figures together was really easy. Glue on the right side arm, glue on a shield on the left arm, and stick a head on it. I used a very basic painting scheme: prime, basic colour and wash. Even with my extremely slow painting skills, they were build and painted in less then two weeks. I can see myself buying a second set of these in the near future. And probably more Victrix plastic ancients, as they are very close in size to my existing ancient armies (mostly Foundry).
My units of thureophoroi are 18 figs strong, and since there were 24 figs in the bag, I painted the other six as "propper" Numidians.

Thureophoroi, with withe shields, as it are mostly seen or discribed in anciet sources:

The other six miniatures as real Numidians:

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