zondag 23 januari 2011


I forgot to show a picture of my newly painted building.
And I also have pictures of the new command base.
Well, here they are:

I mixed the colour of Philip's cloack myself, because I wanted it to be a little more "prume" coloured then the purple I have.

Thanks for watching and reading, any comments always welcome!

Finally ready to start painting the next unit.

I've been too busy for a while with other things (as there is: work).
But now the next unit is ready to start painting again: A unit of hypaspists for my Macedonian army.
Spears and shields are glued on also.

zondag 2 januari 2011

My phalanx unit is ready for action!

A happy new year to anyone reading my blog, have great games and lots of 6's when you need them.

Yes, my 48 fig phalanx unit is now ready for battle!
I finished them just before the new year.

This is my first 48 fig phalanx unit, as I used to make those units 32 figs.
All of these are 28mm Foundry figs, except for the musician, which is a Vendel fig I still had lying around.
As you can see, a closely packed phalanx looks like a thick wood, thanks to their large pikes.

I still have to paint some more miniatures for a Philip of Macedon scenario which is slowly forming in my head. Lets see if I can stick to the plan...

I already have done some painting this year also.
I painted my first building for 2011.
Picture will follow soon.

Any comments, tips, etc. always welcome.