vrijdag 14 september 2018

Just a short notice and some pictures.

As the title says, some pictures below of what I've recently painted.
Two units of French infantry, 24 figs each.
They are Perry Mins plastics and the start of what should become a division for Quatre Bras. This could take a while though.

And what I think will be the last unit of Spartans. At least for now. I have three more of these units, for a total of 144 Spartan hoplites.
36 figs of mixed armour, from no armour to heavy bronze armour, Foundry Miniatures.

I'm currently working on a 15mm project, but It might take longer then I thought before this is ready.
More to come when I find the time, and have something to show!

dinsdag 6 februari 2018

My army is ready (to stop the French).

At last, pictures of my Napoleonic army!
The complete 2nd Netherlands Infantry Division, plus supporting cavalry.

As said in the former message, I've been working on this army on and of for a way too long time. But it did got finished at the end!

General overview of the troops.

Van Merlen's light cavalry brigade.

A Dutch horse artillery battery.

Another picture of the light cavalry brigade. Nassau infantry at the back.

Frontal view of the Nassau brigade, with the Volunteer J├Ągers in front.

The Belgian foot artillery battery.

Overview of the Dutch-Belgian brigade, Militia in front.

Another picture of the Nassauers.

Commanding the lot is Lt.-Gen. Baron de Perponcher-Sedlnitzky.

That's a total of 321 foot, 31 mounted (incl commanders) plus 4 guns and 16 gunners. All miniatures are metal Perry Miniatures, while the bases come from Warbases.

Now, where are the French?

woensdag 10 januari 2018

The last of the Dutch-Belgians (for now).

First of all, a bit late but a happy new year to my dear blog readers! I was planning to post earlier, but as they say, real live intervened.

As the title says, YES, after a very long time, I finaly could finish the last few things I had yet to paint for my Dutch-Belgian Napoleonic army!
Two more guns and two brigade commanders. The commanders and one gun were ready just before the end of the year, but I wanted to show them only when I had them all painted. Which happened last weekend.
So here are one foot gun and one horse gun, both 6 pounders.

The one on your right is the foot gun, should you want to know.

Meaning I now have two artillery batteries!
The army is initialy build to use with the Black Powder rulesset from Warlord Games. In these rules it is said that an artillery battery is only one gun, but I think that this does not look good. So two guns per battery it will be.

Ah yes, there are also the last two commanders to paint.

They are on your left Mjr.-Gen. Jean-Baptiste Van Merlen, commander of the Dutch-Belgian 2nd light cavalry brigade. And on your right Mjr.-Gen. Willem Frederik Van Bylandt, commander of the 1st brigade, 2nd Dutch-Belgian infantry Division.
As usual, all miniatures are Perry Miniatures.

Now that I have a more or less complete army, I'm in doubt if I should spend some more money and get me two artillery limbers also? I'll think about that.
I will post some pictures of the complete army in the near future. I hope to find the time next weekend, but we'll see about that.