zaterdag 9 augustus 2014

A new wargamers blog magazine.

Everybody interested in wargaming should check out the following link.
It is a link to the first issue of a new FREE online magazine with excellent articles and pictures.
A wargamers delight...

Not a lot of painting done last two weeks.
But i did finish this lovely ancient Greek building from Grand Manner.
It was a test before I started work on more Grand Manner buildings. Two more to go. Oh yes, and a large wonderful Greek temple.
As allways, these houses have interior details with lift off roofs. So can be used for skirmish gaming also.
OK, back to painting Celtic warriors!

PS I did a game last night with one of the wargaming friends! We tried Basic Impetus, and like it a lot. A few more games, and who knows, start gaming Impetus, the full rules. And oh yes, I lost (but only marginaly).